Our Wedding!

Hey Guys! 

So happy to be home and back doing what I love. Thank you to everyone for being patient with your requests and bookings. As promised, I am doing a little blog post on my Wedding! There were some amazing, talented professionals involved in the day and I would like to share them with you guys! I don't have all my pictures yet, just a preview of a couple that I will share. I'm sharing with you the main points of the wedding and if you are planning a wedding how far ahead you should book things. I feel like my timing was perfect with what I had booked, I was able to get everything into place on time and there was really no last minute scrambling. If you have any further questions about all things wedding feel free to post in the comments or message me and I will go into more detail for you!   

Location (booked about 2 years before hand) - Sunningdale Golf and Country Club 

I was absolutely thrilled with the service.  I had someone help me plan everything from start to finish, food, drinks, timing of the evening etc etc. She was an amazing help and went above and beyond constantly. The night went so smoothly, the food was all served together and was piping hot and delicious. Since our wedding was Thanksgiving weekend we served a traditional Thanksgiving dinner with a Pie Bar for dessert! I highly recommend booking your wedding with Sunningdale, they are awesome! When I have my pictures I will post a selection so you guys can see what the room and decore looked like. 

Photographer (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Jess Shields Photography

She was AMAZING! I felt like I had a girlfriend there with me taking pictures and having fun along the way. She was very professional, was so keen on all my ideas and helping me make my vision come to life. She is extremely talented and creative and her prices are perfectly reasonable. Going to continue to use Jess for all important events coming up in our lives, maternity photos, family photos etc etc. Thanks again Jess! Here are some pictures... 

Photobooth (booked 1.5 years before hand) - MUGZ Photobooth

This was the attraction of the night! Everyone had so much fun running in and out of this booth, taking fun and crazy pictures! This would count as a favour for your guests as well. As each guest goes home with every picture they were in in the booth! Here are some pictures from the night and what the print out that your guests will receive looks like... 

Dress (purchased about 1 year and 4 months before)  - Kleinfelds

I LOVE my dress! Absolutely perfect. My experience at Kleinfelds was so memorable and if you can do it I highly recommend making the trip to NYC. Every dress you can imagine and a very wide range of price points and sizes. 

Hair and Makeup (suggest you book hair/makeup at least 4-5 months ahead) 

As you all can assume I did my own makeup and hair for my wedding (so if you liked it, contact me for your wedding!). Since I am lucky enough to know so many talented artists I was able to hire a couple good friends and colleagues. Britt Havens did the hair styling for my bridesmaids, she is an amazingly talented young woman and I highly recommend her for your next event! I had Jackie Boldock do the girls and my mothers makeup, everyone was thrilled! Jackie is an UNREAL artist, with loads of experience! 

Cupcakes and Cake (suggest about 8 months before hand) - Boombox Bake Shop 

They were absolutely delicious! Homemade, and you could taste the love every bite! Highly recommend booking with Boombox

The Flowers (booked about 1.5 years before hand) - Springhill Flowers

Mary at Springhill is absolutely AMAZING! She completely understood exactly what I wanted.  She made my vision come to life through her amazingly talented and creative work with flowers. I was blown away when she arrived the morning of the wedding with the bouquets, they were exactly what I had envisioned and I couldn't have done it better myself! I HIGHLY recommend booking with Springhill, you will be completely taken care of and given exactly what you want for the price you want. Thanks again Mary and Springhill! Here is my bouquet and my bridesmaids bouquets... 

My Headpiece (hand made by Monica Viani) - monica.viani@sympatico.ca/info@monicaviani.com

Monica is my husband's Aunt and she is unbelievably talented! She has a huge background in hat making for theaters and is extremely experienced! We were able to work together to create exactly what I wanted. She has an eye for beauty and made a stunning headpiece for me that is of amazing quality. Highly recommend her for creating your wedding accessories! (you can check out the headpiece in all the pictures posted above!) 

My Shoes - TOMS wedding collection 

This was the best decision ever! My feet were in absolute heaven all day! Since my dress was so big no one really saw my feet but when they did I had these adorable pink satin TOMS peeking out. SOOOOO comfortable I was able to dance the night away! At the end of the night the one thing that didn't feel completely and utterly exhausted were my feet, yay! My Husband also wore TOMS, his were black perforated leather and he was just as comfortable, actually in his words he siad he felt like a Ninja in them... ?? Guess thats good! We got some really cute pictures of the two pairs of TOMS together, can't wait to see the rest of my professional pictures! I will totally share more then I get them ;) 

This was the best day of my life and it made me feel so loved and special.  I am so lucky to have the family and friends that I do and this day made me realize that even more! I married the man of my dreams and I am so excited to spend the rest of our lives together with our friends and family close by! Hope you all enjoyed this and if you are planning your wedding I wish you all the best! And if your just a wedding junkie I hope this scratched an itch! Talk soon, muah! oXo