Let's summer in France!

 St. Tropez Tanning Mouse

This tanning mouse from St. Tropez is AMAZING! Soo nice and brown, leaves you looking like you just got off a plane from... well St. Tropez! Which is a beautiful city in southeastern France located on the French Riviera. Known for it's extremely wealthy summertime guests, a "playground to jetsetters, fashion models, and millionaires"... What a clever name for a self tanner! 

I have talked LOTS about self tanners over the years and personally, I have tried so many.  My good friends know I have a drawer filled with different ones for different reasons.  I have stopped looking for the perfect self tanner...

Let's get into the application... So since the mouse is such a deep dark brown when you pump it out it stains your hands very easily (ESPECIALLY if they are dry!) St. Tropez offers an amazing Applicator Mitt.  It is a spongy mitt that you pump the mouse onto and apply it onto your skin.  Makes for such an amazing smooth, streak free application. All I have to say is... get the mitt.  Its a $7.50 purchase you wont regret.  

You want to shave shower and exfoliate before applying this product.  I like to apply a water based moisturizer before and let it completely absorb into my skin (feel no lotion residue on the skin).  Then I go in and apply my St. Tropez.  It is safe for face and body.  Once you start using the mitt you will see how easy the application is there is really no instruction there. You can absolutely use the mitt to apply the mouse on your face as well. 


If you do happen to get some mouse on your hands or an unwanted area, just use their tan remover! Now this product will only remove tanner right after you have applied it (within 10-15 minutes) not a couple days later. The great thing is about the mouse is you can see it as your applying it so instantly you will know if you have made a mistake or got a drop on your hand etc. The tan remover is great if you don't use the mitt, it will remove all the stains from your hands. The remover is a scrub like substance that buffs the tan off.  There are also tan removing wipes.  Neither of these products will remove the tan once it has been developed. 

St. Tropez offers tons of amazing new innovative products. I am only extremely familiar with the ones we sell at my Sephora.  St. Tropez also has spa's all over the US were they sell their complete range of product and also have professional tanning consultants that will apply your tan for you! I am completely obsessed with everything about this brand! It is a MUST have tanning mouse (also available in a lotion [I prefer the mouse]) come visit me at Sephora and pick some up!