Feel Sexier by Tonight!

Have a date tonight? Planning a special evening with your boyfriend or husband? Or maybe you just want to feel sexier for YOU.  Try these simple tricks and you will be slinking around proudly in your skivvies in no time! 

Tip #1 walk around the house like a naked champ

If your home alone, walk around naked.  Do everything naked - clean, watch tv, do some crunches.  Getting comfortable being naked and doing things that involve bending over and twisting and turning will really help you feel better about your body.  If you just lay there naked that's most likely all you will feel comfortable doing naked.  We want to boost our confidence when doing things that our body may not look as "perfect" doing - like bending over and allowing your stomach to roll or your sides to crease. Getting comfortable seeing your body naked will really allow you to feel more comfortable letting your hubby or bf see you naked.  

Let's be honest ladies, if your naked with a man he is NOT thinking what you might be thinking: "I could loose ten pounds" or "I really need to use that gym membership" He is thinking "OMG a naked woman, OMG, OMG, OMG." ... and that's really about it.  The fact that he is there with you should relinquish any thoughts about being undesirable or unattractive because hey, pretty sure he's over the moon happy that you are there with him... naked.   

Tip #2 avoid salty treats that day 

Personally, I feel the least sexy when I am bloated.  No one is touchin me with a ten foot pole if I got the bloats.  Salt is the number one cause for feeling bloated, well that and our monthly friend.  No salt = No bloat, simple as that :) 

Tip #3 strut your stuff

It is a proven fact that when we hold our heads high and stand with a straight back not only do we feel better about ourselves, our body and joints feel better and we exude confidence to the people around us.  Making a conscious effort to do this more will benefit you in so many ways.  Making sure to do this the day of your special night will just add to your confidence level and help make your body look more elongated. 

While your strutting with a straight back and your head held high, let yourself feel sexy as you walk.  Our hips have a natural sway when we walk, let your body feel this sway with each step.  If you hips don't naturally sway when you walk - let them.  Slow your pace and take notice to how your body moves and how your hair is moving. 

Tip #4 take your time

As soon as you get out of the shower apply your favourite body cream.  Take your time putting it on don't just slap it on like you do most days.  Rub it in to every inch of your body with ease and care.  Treat your body the way it deserves to be treated, massaging the lotion in and enjoying every second of it.  Our sense of smell is huge, smelling good is feeling good.  Immediately after applying the lotion spray your naked body with your favourite perfume not allowing the lotion to dry is key.  The perfume will sink into the lotion that will sink into your skin and leave it smelling delicious for longer. 


This post was about FEELING sexier and I hope all of you do after trying out these tips! XoX