My Favourite Bronzers!

For those of you that know me know I ♥ Bronzing.  I have a drawer dedicated to all my self tanners and I love looking bronzed!  I have used tonnnnns of bronzers over the years and would consider myself a bronzer conosur if you will.  I find that when it comes to bronzers everyone has a specific goal in mind, somewhat like mascara. Some people use the same mascara for yearrrrs and would never try something else because it does exactly what they want.  I feel like bronzer is the same sort of thing, don't mess with a good thing! Buttt... at the same time there are always new and improving products coming out on to the market so it is ALWAYS good to try something new once in a while, you can always go back to your fav after.  

When its comes to bronzer its important to find that right shade for you.  Bronzer isn't a one size fits all.  You can't just grab one off the shelf without trying it out and assume it will work for you.  If you are paler you are going to want to stick to a lighter hue, more golden then bronze.  If you are darker you can play a little more with darker hues of bronze and brown.  Now for me I hate orange bronzers so whether your dark or light I say stere away from any bronzer with an orange tone to it.  Stick to peachy, golden, brown, or pink undertones depending on your skin tone. We want to avoid this look...

Another factor to consider when purchasing a bronzer is the finish.  Do you want a matt, shimmer, glitter, or a sheen finish?  I usually have two bronzers on the go, one perfectly flat and matte and one with a softer sheen to it.  I am not one for hugely sparkly bronzer.  This is because I like to put my matt bronzer all over my face (well mostly... cheeks, temples, nose, forehead).  Then I go in with my bronzer with a bit of a sheen to it just on my cheeks and down my nose.  In my opinion this gives the perfect sun kissed look.  Sometimes when I see people that apply a super shimmery bronzer all of their face I tend to go "Oh no..." Doing so can cause a seriously radio active look when the sun hits you on the right angle. 


I know that a lot of people like to apply bronzer all over their face, thats why it is super important to pick an all over matt bronzer then a fun shimmery or glittery (whatever your preference may be) bronzer for your cheeks and nose. 

So getting down to business... my person FAVS are: 

Chocolate Soleil Matt Bronzing Powder by Too Faced

I LOVE this bronzer.  Not only does it give you an amazing brown never orange tan but also it smells and tastes like CHOCOLATE! Now who doesn't love chocolate? Whenever my boo kisses my cheek or anyplace I put this bronzer... ;) he loves the taste! Now unless you are SUPER DUPER pale most people can use this bronzer. I just got my mom hooked on this one and she is def a few shades lighter then me. Depending on how much you layer will depend on how dark it will get, a light dusting on a lighter skin will work just fine! Where can you find this awesome bronzer? Sephora

HOOLA by Benefit 

This is another awesome matt bronzer for all over.  I find this one slightly deeper then the Chocolate Soleil but veryyy similar.  I tend to alternate between the two depending on what I am feeling. Check out more about it here!

Mineral Powder Bronzer by Tarte in "Hotel Heiress" or "Park Ave Princess" 

This is actually a new obsession of mine, lovvvingg Hotel Heiress! This is a bronzer that I would use just on my cheeks and nose and even down my chest and neck.  It is soo nice and deep and has such a beautiful sheen to it.  I have yet to purchase it but I plan on doing so ASAP!  For more of a paler skin tone try the Park Ave Princess, just as beautiful but a little lighter! Check it out!

The looks we are trying to achieve with using the perfect bronzer...


If you have any questions or want to know more leave a comment or message me privately here!

Happy Bronzing! oXo