Nail Art

A long over due HEY! to all my Allure followers, 

Sorry for my absence lately guys but I have been super busy!  Just wanted to fill you in on my latest obsession. Nail Stickers! They are a take off of minx nails but wayyy less expensive.  They come in all sorts of adorable patterns, the one's I applied tonight are leopard print (which is going to be HUGE again for the fall). You can get them at Sephora for only $12!  There are a few different types such as Nail Patch and Nail Bling.  

I prefer the Nail Patch, I find they last longer.  Also the Nail Bling is awesome for a night out but I find the Bling catches on clothes and can get annoying - might be ok on toes though! Check out your nearest Sephora and if your in the London area come visit me at the Whiteoaks Sephora :)   The ones I put on tonight are called "Rrrrr" My next set I am going to try is called "Chinese Blossom." Also love "Pretty Miss" and "French Dentelle"! 

With each pack you get instructions to help you, but I will give you some instructions of my own because after using them a few times I have found some tricks that help! 

Step One

Remove any nail polish and buff nails. Buffing nails makes for a rough texture that will give the adhesive some to really grip onto. Do NOT apply a base coat, even though the instructions say to, it will make for a smoother finish and the sticker will slide off.

Step Two

Go through all the sizes and separate the ones you are going to use.  Roughly size them to your fingers/toes for each hand.

Step Three:

Remove protective cover and apply to the nail, rub nail vigorously until the sticker is completely stuck.  

Step Four:

Take a large nail clipper and clip the remaining sticker off the end of the nail, then file the remainder of the sticker after clipping. Do NOT apply a top coat, in my experience I found it to make some of the Patch art dye run, causing the pattern to blur. 

And Voila! You have yourself awesome salon style nails for at least a week, maybe longer! That is another thing I love about the Nail Patch Art, how long it lasts.  I hate having to re-paint my nails ever couple days, this is a perfect alternative! 

The Patch Art I am trying next, Chinese Blossom...