Valentine's Day Ideas ♥

Happy Valentine's Day Loves!

Valentines day isn't just about celebrating a relationship you are currently in.  It's about love in general, love between best friends, sisters, family or a crush.  For those independent ladies out there, just show your appreciation to someone you think deserves it with a box of chocolates or some flowers.  Guarenteed they will love it and it will get you right out of any v-day funk mood you might be in.  I'm going to share with you guys things I like to do on Valentines day and you can apply it to any special person in your life!  These are just some of the classic V-day traditions spiced up a bit... Allure style ;) Enjoy!


Whether you reveal it to a special someone, or just rock it under your clothes to feel extra sexy, lingerie is fun for everyone.  Treat yourself to a new set or rummage through your underwear drawers to find your fav piece.  These are a few of my fav go-to looks that make me feel sexy.  Look for something that suits your body type and exsenuates your best features.


Pretty much everyone loves it.  Some love it too much (ME!).  Buy someone you love a box or add a kinky twist and drizzle it over them or use a paint brush and... well I am sure you can figure out the rest!  Here are some cute edible products to try...

Don't have time to run out to the store, make your own body paint at home! There are tons of recipes but here is one to try...

  • Mix pudding with 2 cups of milk.
  • Divide pudding into shot glasses and place on a tray
  • add food coloring to enhance colors.
  • Must be refrigerated while waiting to use.
  • Find a willing human canvas and paint away, be creative, totally lickable and edible. For those worried about calories you can use sugar free or paint vigorously.
  • **Note last minute update, forgot, you can add a touch of your favorite essential oils or flavorings such as coconut, cherry, almond etc to each shot glass


Give your significant other a massage with relaxing essential oils.  No one lucky enough to be your significant other?  Draw yourself a romantic bath with candles and bath salts, play some sexy tunes and sink in.  Here are some great massage/bath products.

The Splendor Collection from Margarita Bloom is stunning, I beg ALL of you to order some. Check it out here.