Classy not Trashy

Hey Dolls! 

Loving the peek-a-boo bra trend right now.  So many ways to do it but what I want to talk about is doing it with class!  I think this look can be super chic and sexy but also sophisticated if done right.  

Things to remember... 

1. The bra you choose to show off should be classy/timeless/elegant rather then slutty/cheap.  Pick bras with beautiful intricate detailing, a bra you don't want to cover up with a t-shirt!  Stick to feminine detailing and colours rather then bright over the top styles.

2. When showing off the bra try a sheer blouse, a tailored jacket or an oversized tank.  Pairing a professional look with something sexy is key. **if you do an oversized tank choose a tank with a very soft fabric, something that looks and feels expensive not just a plain cotton**

3. If showing off the bra is a little too much for you shop around for a super sexy feminine camisole or a lacy little tank.

4. Keep the rest of your outfit semi-conservitaive.

5. Make-up should be soft yet sexy, try a really smudgy smouldering smokey eye and a nude lip

These are some bras I am loving and would be great choices to show off... 

Here are some looks to inspire...