Fav's for Fall Nails

Hello my dawlingggs 

So let's talk nails.  Nail trends have gone crazzyyy over the last couple years and there are some really cool options on the market.  Just wanted to share with you guys some of my fav colours right now.

Let's start with some fun trends... 

The "new" French Tip:

A makeup artist I love, Lisa Eldridge, has done a video on a combo I think is brilliant! Check it out here. Its an ivory cream base with a navy blue tip.  These colours are great but you can mix it up, even a caramel nude base with a neon pink tip the list goes onnn - be creative! 

 Magnetic Nails: 

Soooo over crackle to be honest was never really into it.  Magnetic nails by Nails INC is the new trend and in my opinion it is a little more timeless, way sexier and more aesthetically pleasing. Now, it is $18 dollars a bottle but in my opinion very worth it.  This also means that it is more exclusive, not many will want to spend $18 on a bottle of polish (which I totally get) but that also allows it to be less common and on everybody and their dogs nails. Which I think was my main problem with Crackle. You can pick up a bottle of Magnetic nails by Nails INC at Sephora. And check out this how-to-video which also give a little background on the really cool company Nails INC! 

Multi-coloured Nails:

I think this trend done properly can be stunning.  The key (in my opinion) in doing it properly is to use the same colour just different shades or in the same family of hue's.  For example... 

Doing all the nails the same colour, lets say a matt purple - then using a sparkly gold on the ring finger nail is also a great look. I'm personally not a huge fan of every nail being a different colour but I have seen it done and look nice.  There really aren't any rules (so have fun and let your personality shine through!), my thing is I like to keep it classy and less circusy. 

 Now for some of my fav shades to rock this fall... 


My go to nail all year round is nude.  Gotta love nude nails, they're classy, elegant yet sexy.  The key with choosing the right nude is matching it to your skin tone (just like pumps).  If you have a yellow, pink or beige undertone - go with it. Doing so will elongate your fingers giving them a long a slender appeal.  Check out this pic of Eva Mendes, her nude is perfect for her skin tone, this will give you a good idea of how to pick out your shade!



Loving the dark hues right now for fall.  Specifically Russian Navy by OPI - it is a navy blue with a purple iridescent, stunning.  Also loving gun metal greys and dark maroon black. I have been seeing a ton of navy blues for fall and winter, I never used to like navys but now I am all about em. 


A lighter lavender was really in for summer/spring now using that same hue a little deeper really brings it into fall.  Love love love the mauve nails and all the different deeper shades they have come out with. 

Happy Painting oXo


Have fun with shaping your nails! Oval is so in right now but a square cut nail is always hot and if you have the courage the talons are SUPER SEXY! Chanel your inner RiRi ;)