Products NOT to cheap out on!

Hey Guys!

I love bargains and cheap finds just as much as the next girl, but sometimes it's best to penny save when it comes to clothes and accessories.  Products you use on your face and body should be of good quality and achieve what you want them to achieve.  I am just going to list a few things that you should try not to cheap out on or just ensure they are of good quality!

Cleansing Routine

Using good products on your skin is very important.  The skin on our face is way more sensitive and prone to skin problems and irritations then the rest of our body is.  You definitely should not be using the same cleanser you use on your body, on your face.  Invest in a quality three step routine (cleanser, toner, moisturizer).  You will be glad you forked out the extra few dollars after a few weeks of using the products.  Using quality products will also help with pre-mature aging and will help you to look your best for years to come.  Vichy is one of my favourite skin care lines, they have tons of products that cater to different types of skin and different skin issues you may have.  Check out some of there products here and then pop into any of your local drugstores or sephoras and pick some up! I have pretty normal skin, not to dry not to oily and I use Purete Thermale Purifying Foaming Water cleanser and love it...


I know it's hard for some to invest in good make-up products but again when it comes to your face you don't want to be putting products on it that may cause you to break out or clog your pours excessively.  Going out and buying the most expensive stuff on the market is not necessary. Finding middle of the road products that use good ingredients (and maybe has an added SPF) will help your make-up to last longer, have the added care you should give your skin and achieve the look you want.  Certain things such as mascara and eyeliner can be exceptions, I have used some great drugstore brands that I still use and continue to buy to this day.  Also, if you are not as confident when it comes to applying make-up, a higher quality brand is more often then not easier and more user friendly.  They also tend to last longer... my top 5 make-up brands right now are:

1) M.A.C

2) Benefit

3) Nars

4) Make up Forever

5) Cover FX

... the list goes on.  A person's make up brand preference is very personal, different lines are meant to tend to a certain cliental.  Some brands are more dramatic and intense while others brand themselves on appealing to a more subtle make-up user.  Finding a brand that caters to your needs is very important.

Nail Polish

Cheap nail polish, wont last long, will clump, will leave brush strands on the nail, will chip and all in all will be a waste of your time applying it in the first place.  Salons have sales on nail polish all the time, whether it be going out of season or discontinuing.  Look for these sales to purchase a slightly higher quality nail polish, it will be worth it! Try brands such as OPI, Essie, China Glaze... if you feel like splurging try brands such as Elizabeth Arden or Dior! You will notice the difference in quality for sure.



"A woman's perfume tells more about her than her handwriting. " - Christian Dior.  Couldn't have put it better myself.  Investing in a beautiful perfume is very important, quality perfumes will last longer throughout the day and if applied properly will not be excessive or overpowering.  The human sense of smell is very memorable, when you smell certain things it trigers memories in the brain.  Now those memories can be good or bad, don't you want someone's memory of you to smell delicious!?  I know I do :)