False Lashes!

Lashes are a great accessory, they enhance any look you are trying to achieve.  If subtle, false lashes are a great everyday look.  For me applying lashes takes a matter of seconds, practice makes perfect.  The more you apply them the better you will get at it and the faster you will be.  My fav everyday/natural false lashes are by Quo #802.  I like these lashes because they are not to thick and they fan out which is very flattering to any eye.  I also find these lashes long lasting (I have used the same pair over 10 times! … just make sure after each use to peal off access glue and make-up, putting them back in their container to keep their shape) I love wearing lashes and I like how they finish off my make-up!

When wearing subtler eyeshadow, it is best to wear a subtler lash...

With a more dramatic look you can pull off a bigger and more dramatic lash.

I carry both a tinted (black) glue and a white glue (that dries clear).  When I am wearing a smokey eye or black liner I use the black glue but if I am only wearing lashes and no eye make-up other then mascara I want it to look clean and crisp like the lashes are my own, therefore the clear drying glue is best.

I have tried tons of lash glues and my favourite one is still LashGrip sold at shoppers for a very affordable price... (make sure when purchasing you do not get the lash glue for single lashes, very different)

When I wear lashes during the day I like to cut full lashes in a half.  Not only is this a more natural look but it also wings out the shape of your eyes giving you a sexy cat eye look.  Hope this helps you guys out and gives you a reason to apply some lashes and possibly add them into your daily routine!  False lashes = 5 star b*tches ;)