Let the Fall Fashion begin!

I LOVE FALL!! One of my favourite things about fall is the fashion, it's so exciting to see the new trends and create your own style with them.  I am going to do a ton of posts on fall fashion/make-up/beauty but this one is going to be about some of the fall staples for this year that I love and how you can rock them!  One great thing about fashion is you can take a piece that everyone is wearing and make it your own, step out of your fashion box this year and buy a piece that you wouldn't necessarily pick.  If you wear it with confidence, your bound to like the reaction you get from it!  So here it is guys, these are some of the things that I think everyone should have in their closet this fall!


Fur is going to be HUGE this fall and I'm happy about that because I loooove it!!! Whether it be in the form of a vest, purse, boots, coat, a chubby the list goes on.  Find a key fur piece that you can make your fall staple, something that you can get a lot of use out of and wear with just about everything.  That's one thing thats great about fur, you can dress it up or dress it down.  Faux fur will be everywhere this fall, so no need to worry about price, you will be able to find something somewhere in your price range! Here are some of the top designers fur pieces, try and find a more affordable version of these and no one will ever know!

I am in LOVE with this Michael Kors fur purse and I intend on finding myself a look-a-like or splurging on the real thing! check it out...


Camel coats are classic and timeless.  They look elegant and very put together, if you purchase a camel coat this fall I guarantee you you will be able to wear it for many falls to come.  They come in many shapes and styles, its just a matter of finding one that you love and looks great on you.  Keep in mind this fall the camel colour is a very "in" colour, look for it in pants, leggings, boots, heels, scarves, gloves and pencil skirts.  Check out the look...


Big knits are everywhere this fall, scarves, sweaters and skirts! Try pairing a knit sweater with a waist belt to help make the look a little more flattering! Check it out...


Animal prints are extreeeeamly hot right now.  Try rocking the look subtly with a leopard print scarf or a pair of gloves, or try a bolder look with a leopard print coat or dress.



Pairing nudes with nudes can be some what tricky, you need to make sure that the pieces are just different enough to avoid clashing.  I love the nude on nude look but depending on your skin type some people need to be carful what level of warmth they wear, if its too cold of a nude it can wash you out.


Wide leg pants are super flattering on pretty much everyone if they fit right and are long enough.  When trying on wide legs it is very important that they are verging on too long, if they are even the slightest bit too short the look is ruined.  You may even need to have different pairs for heels and another pair for flats.


Stay tuned... MUCH more fall fashion/make-up/beauty to come!!!