Hey guys!

Sooo since I know a lot of my readers are apartment dwellers... sometimes there are a multitude of scents lurking around... fish, garbage, weird food smells, garlic etc.  Well I know I really hate when I get home and walk in to a unfamiliar, odd smell.  I love when my apartment looks great but especially I like it to smell great and have a welcoming environment.  I have a bunch of things I use to make my place smell good and I like to switch it up.  One thing to remember is wether you live with your boyfriend, girlfriend or roommates make sure to check with them before, make sure they like the smell too!  There are a couple different options when it comes to making your place smell great, room sprays, incense, candles, burning oil, plug ins etc.  Some of my favourites are...

Incense: Nag Champa

Incense is a great way to make a room smell amazzzing.  It can be on the stronger side and some people really prefer not to use it, so make sure to be courteous and check with your fellow house mates before lighting one up!  My fav sent ever is called Nag Champa.  This is a very popular sent and you can probably find it anywhere that sells incense.  The box looks like this...

Decorative Diffuser: (Fruits and Passions)

You would never guess that this cute little vase with a flower made of bamboo would be the reason why my apartment smells so good.  The ceramic vase holds a scented oil (of your choice) and the bamboo flower helps release the scent into the air.  You can also choose the colour of the flower to match with your decor.    Here's a pic... (I have the nude one!)


Candles:  Some of my favs are from Bath and Body works (creamy pumpkin and caramel apple... I know there fall/winter smells but they are sooo yummy and homey)

Candles are a great way to warm up a room and make it smell delish.  There are soo many different options for candles these days, other great options are...

Voluspa Candles (amaaazing, sold at chapters sometimes! *also Kim Kardashian's fav*)

LOL Candles

KOBO Candles (pure soy)

... and for those of you who didn't know, olfaction is your sense of smell!


Happy smelling :)