the ULTIMATE fake tan!

K so I know I have mention self-tanning products before in other posts but I wanted to do a specific one.  This product by Fake Bake is UNREAL.  THE best self-tanner I have ever used and I think I have tried like 20 different kinds! Fake and Bake has sooo many tanning products its crazy! Check out the website if you are interested in trying other things like pre tan and post tan products to help maintain and elongate your colour.  For any guys out there who are interested in getting their bronze on they also have products for men that are more user friendly! (also if girls out there wanna get their man a little more sun-kissed check out these products).

The product that I am obsessed with is called Fake Bake Airbrush.  It's in an aerosol can which makes application very easy.  The mist comes out so light and has a wide spraying radius so that you will NOT miss a spot.  In the box you are also provided with application gloves so that you don't get any on your hands, but I find I don't even need to use my hands I just spray it on!  I like to apply it in the shower (obviously not while running!) doing this will contain the mist and almost act as a spray tan booth (also you can just wipe any access off the walls with ease after, rather then accidentally getting some on painted walls and what not).  Put your hair up in a bun, hop in the shower naked and spray holding the bottle about 8 inches away from the skin.  Also, doing it in a contained shower stall will allow the access mist floating around to land on you (thus the spray booth affect).

The colour that this product provides is one of the main reasons why I like it so much.  Some fake tanners can have somewhat of an orange undertone and when it starts to fade can leave blotches on certain ares such as the neck, knees etc.  This product does not have either of those faults.  I find the colour this product gives your skin is so nice and brown, NO orange undertone at all.  When it lands on my white shower floor it turns reddish almost burgundy, this is a good sign.  The red in the product means that rather then making you look orange its going to make you look a deep dark brown.

Another thing that is great about this product is it so easy to achieve the exact colour you want.  Since it goes on soo lightly (and somewhat instantly, you can see a bit of colour right away but it will set in a develop more over a couple hours).  You can layer up the product, for nights out I like to add on a couple layers, letting each layer dry for about 15 minutes before applying the next.

Check out Fake Bake for a step by step on how to apply their products as well as body scrubs to prep your skin for your tan and lotions to maintain and provide longer lasting colour!  So working all day this summer is no excuse not to have an amazing summer glow! :)