Nail Art

Soooo crazy nail art is really popular right now so I thought I would give you guys a little info on it!  I was in Sephora yesterday (can you tell I love sephora?) and I spotted these nail patches, I haven't tried them yet but they look crazy cool and I totally plan on checking them out.  They come in all sorts of designs and I think they are priced around $15.  Also, check out this video by Petrilude on nail art.  He is using tools from this line called WowSoCool, I am totally going to order some stuff off here asap!  If you plan on doing the same here is a video by Petrilude giving a step by step tutorial on how to use the nail stamps.  I suggest watching his video before looking at the products so you can better understand what their for.  Here are some pics of what your nails could look like!