Highlighting and Illuminating!

Hey Guys,

So highlighting your cheekbones is especially flattering to your facial structure.  In the summer you can do a little more then usual to create a dewy, radiant look.  Try applying a highlighting product to your cheekbones then curve it down around the apple of the cheek and up along the temple, therefore when you apply a blush to the apples it really pops.  Also, highlight along the bridge of your nose to create a thiner look and on your chin and the centre of your forehead.  *Something to remember* always apply your liquid products first then powders, powders before liquids may cause unevenness and a blotchy effect, ex. liquid foundation, liquid concealer, liquid highlight then bronzers, powder blush, and setting powder.  I have a ton of highlighting products but some of my favourites are...

Fusion Beauty:

I just bought this and LOVE it.  Not only does it highlight and illuminate but it also fills lines and plumps up the area its applied to providing a firm youthful volume to the skin (liquid form).  I bought this product at Sephora but you can also look where ever Fusion Beauty is sold or order it online!


This product is in powder form, great for dusting along cheek bones once you have applied all your face makeup.  Comes in two different shades, Prisom (soft rose pink shimmer) and Shimmer (luminous pink pearl).  I have Prisom, it compliments a pink blush nicely.  I would use Shimmer with a more peachy blush. (shimmer is the one in the pic).  I got this from Sephora but I believe shoppers beauty boutique also sells it. Also check out Smashbox Artificual Light Luminizing lotion!


Moon Beam is a liquid highlight with a golden sheen, creates a nice "sun kissed" look, pair with goldy peach eyeshadow and bronzer and you will be looking like a sun goddess in minutes!  It also comes in High Beam which creates a radiant afterglow and a dewy complexion.  I bought mine at Sephora but again, I do believe shoppers beauty boutique also sells Benefit!

** Also, for more affordable options check out the Quo brand at shoppers or Cover Girl also has some great highlighting products!