Cool Trends!

Anyone who knows me knows me knows that I am always super warm.  I am very hot blooded so when summer roles around I am always trying to find ways to stay cool.  I love the summer and warm weather but sometimes its just TOO humid!  If you find yourself getting too warm, here are some tips for staying cool in the summer!

Tip #1: Choose breathable fabrics!

100% cotton is a great lightweight, comfortable fabric and totally breathable.  Try not to put your cotton items in the dryer, hang dry is best.  This will keep them looking new longer and avoid shrinkage! A simple cotton T is a great look.  Pair with jean shorts, leather belt, fun accessories and your set for a day out in the hot sun!  Stay away from synthetic fabrics, they will lock in the heat.  The more natural the fabric the more cool and breathable it will be!

#2: Looser fitting styles and summer dresses!

Choosing a looser fitting top or a summer dress will really help you stay cool.  I know I hate wearing a tighter fitting outfit and being hot, it's an awful feeling.  At least when your wearing looser clothing and you get hot, you feel more comfortable!

#3: Change to a light weight make-up or a tinted moisturizer!

If you can, change from your full coverage winter foundation to a lighter weight foundation or a tinted moisturizer!  Melting make-up is never a good look and allowing your skin to breath is also going to help you feel cooler.  Check out your local drugstore for a tinted moisturizer or if your regularly buy a certain line (such as M.A.C) head in and ask them what are some light weight foundations they carry that would work best for you. 

Tinted Moisturizer by smashbox (sheer focus)

Light Weight Foundation (by Joe)

#4: Wear Sandals!

Wearing sandals and allowing your feet to breath will really make a difference in how cool you feel.  Check out these super cute sandals from Aldo...

#5: Eat small meals and lots of them!

Eating a big meal will cause your metabolism to push into overdrive which will make your body temperature rise.  Eating smaller meals and more of them will allow your metobolism to work at a more steady rate, keeping your body at a normal temp.