Night Out Prep!

Hey Dolls,

Before I go out for a big night on the town with my girls I like to do a few thing that make me feel extra good about myself and help me look my best!  Here are some tips and tricks to try before heading out to make you look and feel your sexiest! 

Nice Warm Shower!

Having a nice warm shower will not only relax you but a little naked one-on-one time is always nice, #1 rule: Do NOT bash your body in anyway whatsoever while in the shower, this will only make you feel less confident and sexy and that's the worst way to feel before heading out!  Instead appreciate your favourite body part, whether it be your butt, legs, back, breasts, etc.  I know this may sound weird, but tell yourself how great that part looks!

While your in the shower, shave all the necessary parts making sure your silky smooth to the touch. Exfoliate with a yummy smelling product from head to toe! 

Depending on how dry or oily your hair is you may not want to do this but I usually wash my hair twice so it smells extra amazing and is extra clean (the less you wash your hair the healthier it is, I know I know, but once in a while wont hurt!) I also feel that it keeps my hair looking fresh for that much longer (that could be just a mind game I play with myself, but hey, it works!).


This is a verryyy important step!  Make sure to moisturize as soon as you get out of the shower (as I have mentioned before your warm body will soak up and absorb the lotion best when its a bit damp and your pours are open).  Also, use a thicker lotion then you normally would, a body butter perhaps.  This will not only leave you extra soft but it will also leave a glossy shinny finish to your skin.  Make sure it smells amazzzing!

White Strips

While your putting your feet up for a bit before finishing getting ready pop on some Crest White Strips or whatever whitening product you like.  A big white smile is a great accessory for a night out!


Extreamlyyy important ladies.  Freshly manicured and pedicured hands and feet are such a nice touch and really finish off your look.  I love wearing dark colours on my nails I think they look extra sexy for a night out!  But I usually always have french tip on my toes, I think it looks ultra chic and very finished.  Really it's just about what you feel looks best, a bright colour is also a great choice as well, try matching them to a small accessory it really ties the look together!  Going for more of a classy refined look, try a nude nail.


For light skinned girls, go to a local tanning salon and hop in a mystic spray tan the day before!  This will be the cherry on top of your glamed out outfit and really help you look your best!  Or the night before you go out apply a fake tanner, these are some of my favs...

Loreal Bronze Sublime

Fake Bake Airbrush (love love love this! Gives such a nice brown tan, and they provide gloves to apply in the box!)

For the darker skinned ladies who already have a great colour, to make your skin shine try using some of these products... (these are also great for light skin girls as well, it will add shine and sparkle just not that much colour)

Smash Box Body Lights

Urban Decay Midnight Cowboy Body Shimmer (smells like milk and honey! and is sooo nurishing)

Urban Decay Flavoured Body Powder - Honey (love this! "As glittering as the lights of Vegas (and a hint of the sin city too!), Urban Decay Honey body powder is sparkly, scented and delicious.  It looks, smells, tastes and attracts like... honey!" And you gotta love the leopard print puff!) ... they also have this in Marshmallow.

Nars Monoi Body Glow II (read more about this AMAZING product here!)

Hope this helps all you beautiful ladies look and feel your best the next time you head out on the town!!!