Hey Guys,

So I have gotten a couple requests to do a posting on brushes.  What types of brushes to use with what make-up, how to use different brushes, what are their different purposes and how to clean your brushes.  I use mainly M.A.C products and M.A.C brushes but there are tons of great brushes out there.  I will tell you the name and number of the brush so you can find the equivalent in another line if you want.  I am just going to give you the basic run down of the every day brushes I use without going into to much unnecessary details or professional

M.A.C 129 Powder Blush Brush:

This brush is great for applying your all over face powder as well as bronzer and blush.  This is a great brush to invest in because it is versatile and has multiple purposes.  Rather then buying a powder brush, and blush brush this brush provides both of those purposes.

M.A.C 190 Foundation Brush:

This brush is for applying liquid foundation.  It provides an even clean finish to the skin, use to apply and blend foundation into the skin, on the face and slightly down your neck. I prefer using a brush over a sponge, I find I can be more precise and I also find that I need less product as a sponge absorbs some of the foundation and the brush bristles do not.

M.A.C 168 Large Angled Contour Brush:

This brush is for cheek contouring.  It is great for applying a highlight above the apple of the cheek (see Highlighting and Illuminating for details on highlighting). Also for contouring the cheekbone (apply a darker shade or a bronzer just underneath the apple of the cheek [feel for your cheekbone and apply just below that]).  I also use this brush for applying blush!

M.A.C 217 Blending Brush:

This brush is for blending your eye shadow, it's great for applying eye shadow to the lid and blending into the crease. 

M.A.C 224 Tapered Blending Brush:

This brush provides a more controlled eyeshadow application.  This is a great brush to apply a darker shade in your crease above your lid and blend.  You can also use the tip of this brush for highlighting you brow bone.

M.A.C 242 Shader Brush:

This brush is great for applying concealer to troubled spots or under the eyes.  I also like to use this one to apply a highlight to the brow bone as I can get nice and close to the brow. 

M.A.C 208 Angled Brow Brush:

This brush is to fill in and define the brows, using a shade darker then your hair colour or if you have black hair use dark brown.

M.A.C 316 Lip Brush:

This brush is great for controlled lipstick/lipgloss application.  It also doubles as a eyeliner brush.  I like using a brush when I apply red lipstick (or any other dark/bright lip colour) because it allows me to apply it right along the lip line with precision.

M.A.C Brush Cleaner:

This product will clean and disinfect brushes.  You could also use shampoo and water! (whatever you clean with make sure to ensure that you get all the cleaning product out of the brush!).  I like to clean my brushes at night and squeeze them dry using paper towel then lay them out along a double line of paper towel to soak up any access water, by the AM they will be clean and dry!