Cottage Weekend must-haves!

Hey Guys,

Tis the season to be cottage-ing so here are just a few things to remember to bring with.  Now, just because your going to be in a secluded area with not many people around doesn't mean slum it like a bum!  You can still be cute and stylish but in a relaxing and comfortable way. Not only are the options below great for the cottage but also great just for summer in general!

Bathing suit cover-ups:  They are great to just through on and off all day while lounging by the water!  It's always nice to be able to through something on over top if your running inside to grab a bite or heading to the washroom and still be cute doing it! Here are some sexy and stylish cover-ups from Victoria Secret...


Cozy Sweater: There great for tossing on at night if your heading for a walk on the beach or sitting around the camp fire.  The oversized "old man" sweater is a great way to go, cute, stylish and comfy.  **head to Value Village or your nearest thrift shop and look for a retro "old man" sweater, you will be sure to find one! If not, check out Old Navy or the Gap! Here is some inspiration...

Beach Bag: Oversized beach bags are great for toting all your essentials (towel, sunscreen, flip flops, change of close ect.) to the beach or where ever your heading! Check out these super cute beach bags! Try finding a beach bag that you would also double as a purse, multi-purpose purchases are great!

Sun Glasses: Not only are they a great accessory but it is also very important to protect your eyes from the UV rays!  Here are some styles I am in love with right now...

Lip Balm/Mascara/Tinted SPF: Everyone who knows me knows I love wearing make-up! But sometimes its nice to have a fresh face, especially when at the cottage or beach catching some rays.  But that doesn't mean you have to go COMPLETELY cold turkey (hehe).  Try using a SPF with a little tint to even out your complexion, also a lip balm (with an SPF would be preferable) with a bit of a tint as well to add colour to your lips! And if you feel naked with out a little something on the lashes either try and clear mascara just to give the lashes some length and definition or a waterproof mascara (no one likes raccoon eyes!).  Check out the products below!

Neutrogena® Tone Correcting Tinted Moisture SPF 30 from Ageless Intensives

"Daily moisturizer that effectively hydrates, protects, fights the look of stubborn dark spots, and provides a sheer tint for an instantly more even and luminous complexion"

M.A.C Tinted Lip Conditioner SPF 15

"A protective emollient balm formulated with SPF 15, a sheer wash of colour and an all-natural sheen. Conditions lips, locks in moisture." ...(I LOVE this product)

Cover Girl Volume Exact waterproof Mascara

"Plump ‘em, don’t clump ‘em—whatever the weather! Wateproof VolumeExact’s flexible bristles surround-each-lash with microchambers, to plump and separate each individual lash—for volume a whole new way." (I find this washes off easier then most waterproof mascaras!)