Bright Eyes

Woke up feeling like your eyes are tired looking or not as bright and wide eyed as they could be?  Apply white eyeliner to your waterline (waterline = the small ridge where your bottom lashes grow from [where some people apply black liner]).  Also, use a lighter shade of concealer and dab undereyes as well as on the eyelid and the inner corner of the eye.  Another thing that helps is applying a light shimmery colour eyeshawdow around your tear ducts (tear duct = the small triangle of pink skin right in the inner corner of your eye).  I also like to apply a matte white eyeshadow right in the corner of my eye, gives the eye a "doll" like appearance.

The concealer I use right now (and love) is by M.A.C called Select Cover-up.  It isn't very thick and blends very nicely.  Great if you don't have dark dark circles that need to be covered and you just want to lighten your undereye a bit.

I also use Studio Sculpt Concealer (also M.A.C) for days when I feel like I need a fuller coverage, this concealer is thicker and will cover ANYTHING up!

The white eyeliner I use is also from M.A.C its Eye Kohl in Fascinating.  What I love about this liner is that it goes on the water line nice and thick, with certain liners sometimes it is hard to apply liner to the waterline especially a light colour.  Sometimes it takes a million layers to even look like it's there, but with this product you only need one or two strokes and your left with a nice white waterline.

I also love the product Eye Bright by Benefit.  You can either use this product on your water line or just below and blend into your concealer to give an extra brightness around the eye!

Here are some pics of white eyeliner on the water line...