Bad Hair Day?

Hey guys,

I thought some of this stuff was pretty interesting and just wanted to share.  I love the look of the turban trend and it has been a type of head-ware in many countries including the Middle East, Central Asia, South Asia, North and West Africa for hundreds and hundreds of years.  I think sometimes people have a misunderstanding of what turban actually means.  Turban is the english word for head-ware, but in India it is referred to as Pagri which has several different styles and the different styles are in honour of different religions.  There are many other cultures and religions that show respect by wearing these headpieces, but the turban not only serves a religious purpose it also serves as a practical one, for example,  protection against the elements. European women also wore this look starting in the 18th century, it became a fashionable headdress and that was the first record of the English word "turban".  This trend has come in and out of fashion in the Western world over the past hundreds of years.  The most familiar and famous time the turban trend was worn in (to us in North America) was in the 1940's and 50's.  It was a chic alternative for a had-hair day, worn by many World War II-era Hollywood actresses. Anywayyys I don't want this to sound like a history lesson but fashion is amazing and sometimes we forget where it came from.  Almost every fashion trend we wear today can be traced back hundreds of years, just thought that was pretty cool.  Fashion deserves a little more credit then it gets!

That being said…

This spring/summer the turban trend has made its way back and I am soo excited to buy my very first turban and rock it on my next awful hair day! You should try it out too! Here are some different looks..