Four summer trends I LOVE!

Hey Guys, here are some summer trends that I am totally in love with! First off the one-peice jumper, I recently just bought three different styles and I love them, soo comfy and cute.  Also, very flattering especially if you snitch them in at the waist with a belt or draw string.

Next are high waisted short shorts, looove them! They are great if you love your curves and want to flaunt them and they also help girls who are narrow through the hips look a little curvier! Tip - if you are top heavy, really make sure to emphasis your waist with a belt, for girls that have a bigger cup size you want to make sure you don't loose your waist between the shorts and "the girls" if you know what I mean ;)

Next, mini dresses.  I have really been drawn to the almost futuristic looking ones, they are great for a night out on the town! Try mini's with jutting shoulder pads or more detailing on the top, this really makes the waist look tiny! I love Kim Kardashian's style and she is ALWAYS rocking these types of dresses.

Last but not least, hair accessories!  There are tons out there, bows, flowers, gems, feathers, and ribbons! It's just a matter of finding one that fits nicely with your hair style, for example if your wearing your hair bigger with more curls you can rock a bigger more pronounced hair accessory.  But if your wearing your hair straight and sleek, stick with a smaller one like a bow or a simple ribbon.