Eyebrows... don't be scared!

Eyebrows are soo important in completing your make-up look. I know that a lot of girls who don't shade in their brows because they are scared of the brows looking too dark or fake, giving them the appearance of looking mad.  I suggest using a shadow very close to the colour of your hair or even a shade darker (as eyebrows are always a little bit darker then the hair colour, especially if you have light hair), using an angled brush, lightly fill in your brows.  Trust me! This will make such a difference in making your make-up look finished and polished. Having nicely groomed, shapely brows, will frame the face and eyes creating a very flattering look.  Check out the before and after pics below!




*Tip* Keep in mind the less make-up you have on the less brow filler you should use, the more eye make-up you apply the more dramatic the brows can be.  Also check out this site http://www.eyebrowz.com/faceshape.htm to find out what shape of eyebrow would best suit your face shape!