5 Tips for glowing skin

#1 - EXFOLIATE! And not just your face, your whole body will benefit from the scrubbing beads!  Benefits such as...

- helps to prevent breakouts
- unclogs pores
- scrubs off the dull dead skin, revealing glowing skin
- reduces wrinkles 
- reduces the appearance of stretch marks
- helps retain your tan

The exfoliator I use is Sugar Coated Barbie by Cake brown sugar body scrub.  I believe this is a limited edition and may not be around for much longer but there are many others like this, for example Citrus Squeeze Sinfully Smoothing Brown Sugar Scrub by Cake.  What I LOVE about these exfoliators is they smell so good I want to eat them, they leave the bathroom smelling like freshly baked cookies!  I also like that it is an oil base, this is just a personal preference but I love how smooth and moisturized it leaves my skin feeling. Check out Cake products here http://www.cakebeauty.com/shop.asp I buy mine from Sephora.

#2 - MOISTURIZE!  As soon as you hop out of the shower apply your favourite body butter or lotion asap! The sooner the better, this is because when your skin is warm your pours open up, applying lotion right away will allow the moisture to seep into the pores before you cool down and they close up.  Another tip, don't dry yourself completely, leaving a bit of damp residue on your skin will allow it, along with the lotion to be soaked right up!

#3 - CELLULITE SUCKS! We all have it and we all hate it.  Before I suggest a great product that I use I will say, ladies, we notice our cellulite much more then anyone else does, especially guys!  But obviously you want to feel confident in your skin and if you can't stand the sight then try NIVEA Good-Bye Cellulite Gel.  I love it! I have tired quite a few products in my time and with this one I actually noticed a difference within a week!  Pretty impressive.

#4 - TAN!  A tan makes anyone look better, we all know that.  But if you are anti-tanning beds there are a TON of great self tanners out there.  Not looking to spend a lot? Try L'Oreal Sublime Bronze Tinted Self-Tanning Lotion.  What I love about this product is its an instant bronze, it wont rub off and its quick dry.  I love putting this on my legs in the morning if I am going to be wearing a skirt or shorts.  It gives the skin an instant glow and almost a slimming effect.  A little more cash to burn? Try product lines such as Fake and Bake or Glow Fusion.

#5 - BODY BALMS! This is more of a finishing touch for either every day, a special date, or a night out.  The body balm I use is Bathina Body So Fine by Benefit.  I love it! Not only does it smell amazing and almost act as a perfume, but it leaves a really pretty shimmery finish to the skin.  As Benefit puts it " Lightly scented with a tumble of white blossoms… this body balm is slightly naughty and totally irresistible" I am a sucker for this little quotes they leave on products haha but this one is actually so true! I also love the velvet pad they provide for the application, very soft and soothing on the skin! Tip - apply to the shin bone to give the illusion of longer legs!

After these 5 tips you will all be glowing goddesses!