Product 411

Product 411 is a new post The Allure is starting up! It's exactly what it sounds like, if I find/try a product that I fall in love with, I will fill you guys in on all the details.  The pros/cons, tips on how to use them, where to find them and more!

For The Allure's first official Product 411, I am going to talk about my new fav brow filler.  It's amazing, long lasting, non smudging, and natural looking. It's called brow zings by Benefit.  What I love about this product is it's so easy to use, it also comes with two mini brushes, one angled and one round as well as mini tweezers.  The palette includes a tinted wax pot and a powder pot.  First, you apply the wax onto the brow creating the shape you desire.  Next, gently dust the powder over the area you applied the wax.  The wax holds the powder nicely and finishes off the look.  Don't apply too much wax or the powder will not dust on evenly, it will grab to the wax too quickly.  A little goes a longgg way with this product, which is great because it will last a long time!

Brow Zing comes in three different shades, light, medium and deep.  You can find this product any where Benefit is sold (Shoppers beauty boutique, Sephora, Murale).  Hope you guys enjoyed this Product 411 and there will be lots more to come! Stay tuned!