Master Class 5.0

Hey Guys! 

Brit Hall here, owner and team lead, and I'm very excited to announce our next masterclass date... Friday September 22nd 2017 from 7-9:30pm! I'm always switching up the style of class I do and this time is no different. This class is what we are calling a "Live YouTube Tutorial." Another switch up to this class is that my Senior Artist Catherine, will be co-hosting it with me! We are going to complete two different looks for you. Catherine is going to complete a Winged Liner Look and I will be doing a Sun-kissed Glow

This class will be a lecture style class where in which guests will be seated taking notes and or pictures. As this is a "Live YouTube Tutorial" we want to ensure that guests are able to fully focus on what's happening up front. Sit back and enjoy the show! 

We will start with a tutorial, break for refreshments and then follow with the second tutorial! Typically our lessons run about $100 an hour, the ticket cost is less than that for 2.5 hours, a fab deal! 

Tickets will be $85 plus tax, you can inquire for purchase here!

Catherine (senior artist) and Brit Hall (owner and team lead) 

Catherine (senior artist) and Brit Hall (owner and team lead) 

Business the ESTEEM way!

Hey Guys! 

It has come to my attention that many businesses are confused about our practices here. When I first started my business (Makeup by Brittany and before that my beauty blogging The Allure Beauty {for those that have been around almost 10 years!}), I wanted to create a community of artists who had the freedom to build their own lifestyle and careers. I wanted to create a place where artists could learn from my experience, but I could also learn from theirs. Where they could help me build my business and I could help them build theirs.

When someone is hired on to the esteem team, they have the freedom to have their own businesses and see their own clients! Many are confused by this practice and think it creates a conflict of interest. They are correct in the assumption I loose some bookings to my artists, it absolutely does happen (not intentionally of course) but it's confusing, seeing Catherine here on my team, then also pursuing her own endeavors, same goes for the rest of the successful members of my team. There are only so many days in the year and so many hours in the day. Esteem books in more than enough clients, and has many loyal clients who have been with us for years.

My artists and I have a mutual trust and transparency that allows for this flexibility in our practices. If a client they have seen through me contacts them (unaware they are doing anything wrong), the team member will direct them to me so I can secure their booking with the artist they were trying to book in with. I won't go into all the agreements and arrangements we use to create a well oiled, loyal and respectful work environment but that's just a little peak into how business is done here. 

This way we can create a very versatile team of artists. Some may only take a handful of bookings a year as they are busy with their own clients, or perhaps another job or their children, other artists, may show their commitment to helping esteem grow, so they too can reap the benefits of our expansion. If this way of working sounds appealing to you, please feel free to apply for a position with us! We are hiring this summer and are currently reviewing applications! 

That being said, if you are intending to book with esteem, you will speak with myself directly. You will have me planning and arranging all that goes into your event and I will be ensuring your artist is completely prepared for all the elements of your day.

Thank you for reading and stay tuned for more! 

Brittany Hall Owner/Team Lead

3rd Master Class - Individual Application Style

Hey Guys! 

As most of you know I have now hosted a couple master classes in London focusing on different aspects of the makeup application. These classes are typically geared towards someone who likes to use and wear makeup daily and wishes to expand their knowledge.  Also professional makeup artists look to further develop their skills. In these classes I have shared my current product faves, techniques on how to use different products and create different results. The style of my last two classes have been a classroom setting. Clients have come and taken a seat where they are free to take notes and watch as I demo my teachings on a model. 

For this upcoming class I am planning on teaching in a different style/setting. For this class, clients will be encourage to bring their makeup. They will be seated at a desk with a mirror in front of them and will follow along as we go using their products. I will provide a list of applications we will be focusing on so clients are prepared with the appropriate products. I will demo each step on a model as well as walk around and help each client with their different product or application tool (some of you may use brushes, some may use a beauty blender etc etc). 

This will be a very hands on learning experience and a more intimate setting. To see me for an individual lesson the fee is $100 per hour. This class will be 2.5 hours and the ticket cost is $135 plus tax. There will be refreshments and some goodies for the client to take home as well! Here are the details on the class: 

Date: January 21st 2017

Time: 1-3:30 

Ticket cost: $130 plus tax (inquire within to purchase a ticket) 

What to bring: The makeup you wish to use for a full application using (complexion, contour and highlight, conceal and correct, eyes, brows, lips and cheeks) as well as the tools you use to apply said makeup 

Location: Studio Collective Unit 32 20 Kitchener Ave London Ontario 

Provided: Snacks and refreshments, desk seating for application, standing individual mirror at your seat to comfortably apply your makeup at (that is your's to take) as well as some goodies for you to take home!  


New Look, Name & Team Members!

Hey Guys! 

Welcome to esteem! We are a team of highly skilled and trained artists offering luxury glamming services on location and in studio. It started out as Makeup by Brittany. I was a one man show, catering to as many weddings and events as I could handle in a year. There came a point where I was just turning away too much business. From there, I added my first team mate, followed by my second, followed by three consecutive members. We now stand at a total of 6 including myself. We cater to the London, Toronto, and surrounding area's. 

We are so excited to share our new look, name and team mates! I dropped the Makeup by Brittany because it is no longer just me and I needed the company name to represent us as a whole. As most of you know I am Brittany Hall, owner and director of what is now esteem. My two senior artist's are Catherine and Cassidy. Catherine started with me in February of 2015 and Cassidy in August of 2015.  I would like to introduce our newest team mates and pro artists, Britt, Katie and Siobhán! They all come to us with amazing skill and natural God given talent. They see the true beauty in everyone and create pure art with makeup.  

Below is a brief Q and A with each of the new members so you can get to know them a little bit better! 

Britt Havens

Brittany Hall: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

I first fell in love with makeup around 6th grade. I loved playing with my moms makeup collection and cutting beauty looks out of magazines (vintage Pinterest!) and keeping them in photo albums.  I remember one Christmas getting a brush roll and makeup brushes and at the end of the night my younger sister asked me what my favourite gift was and without a doubt I said the makeup brushes. She couldn't believe that was my answer, because we got other "bigger"  and more fun gifts but I was in love with those brushes. I still have one brush from that set and I never use it but it's always in my kit. I think that Christmas is when I knew that my love of makeup and beauty ran deep. 

Brittany Hall: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

I started freelancing in 2009. I had heard the quote "whatever you friends always ask you to do for them/help them with, make that your job". The idea of taking a natural skill, that you would gladly do for free and turning it into your job made sense to me so I went for it! 

Brittany Hall: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

I began my career in the beauty industry as a hairstylist. I worked at an Aveda salon downtown London for a couple of years. From there I began building my freelance makeup business. I started a beauty blog and began to do weddings and photo shoots. I then worked at Sephora as the beauty studio captain and it was such an amazing experience. It exposed me to so many amazing brands and people and it was there that I became really confident in my skills and abilities as a professional makeup artist. I've done makeup for countless weddings, TV shows and photo shoots and am as passionate today as I was when I started this whole journey. 

Brittany Hall: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

My favourite part is hands down, showing my client the completed look. I love to enhance my clients natural beauty while adding a little glam! I find as women we tend put ourselves last so I love to remind my clients that no matter how they feel, they've still got it. My clients are beautiful with and without makeup but I love being able to show them how truly beautiful they are by enhancing the features they already love. I love transforming them into a version of themselves that they don't get to see in the mirror everyday. After doing this for 7 years, seeing their face as they look in the mirror still makes me so happy!   

Brittany Hall: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

Brittany and I have been best friends for a couple of years now. We share the same love for both makeup artistry and business. We've loved working together and referring to each other in the past so it seemed natural to finally and officially join her amazing team. I love the business that I have built, but now that I'm a busy mom of two, the idea of working as a team really appealed to me and I knew it was time for something new! Brittany's business is really taking off and I'm thrilled and honoured to be a part of such a talented group of women. 

Brittany Hall: Where are you from?  

I'm originally from Brockville Ontario but have been in London for 10 years.  

Brittany Hall: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

Brows! I'm fair and have blonde hair so if I don't do my brows it literally looks like I have none! Even on clients, nothing completes a look like good brow transformation. I love using a mix of different brow products to get a natural and defined look.   

Brittany Hall: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

That could be the hardest question I've ever been asked.  I'm currently loving Anastasia dip brow. It's the best thing I've ever found for my brows and I love using it to achieve different looks! It can create a totally natural brow or a super sharp and defined look. Also - highlighters, I have too many favourites to name but it's probably my favourite product to apply on clients. It allows you to really study their face and decide what features you really want to pop.  

Brittany Hall: Describe your personal style in three words. 

Minimalist, classic and feminine (but with an edge ;)  

Katie Bowen

Katie Bowen

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

K: I've always loved makeup being a girly girl, collecting Caboodles and Lip Smackers as a kid. My real love affair began after I had my son. I would watch YouTube tutorials while I was feeding him and started branching out with lipstick colours and products. Now I'm a full blown product junkie and my happy place is in my beauty room. 

B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

K: I was feeling unfulfilled with my full-time nursing job and decided to do something that really made me happy. I signed up for an online makeup artistry course, did some research and a couple months later I did my first wedding. I have been slowly but surely booking clients and networking throughout the past year and a half and loving every minute of it. 

B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

K: Currently I strictly freelance; doing weddings, photo shoots, event makeup and lessons. 

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

K: I think for me, like most artists, my favourite part is when your client looks in the mirror and you can see that they feel beautiful. It's rewarding to know you can help someone feel confident and sexy just by accentuating what they already have. 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

K: Not only have I been following Britt on social media for the past couple of years, but last year I had the pleasure of having my makeup done in her chair and being involved in a lesson. She was so knowledgeable, supportive and inspiring. When I saw she was hiring I knew I had to give it a shot. It seemed like the perfect opportunity to take on more clients, grow as an artist and learn from the best. Being part of a strong group of hard-working women is a bonus! #squadgoals 

B: Where are you from?  

K: I'm originally from Brantford, Ontario where I was born and raised. I moved to London to pursue a Nursing Degree at UWO and it quickly became home to me.

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

K: I think I would have to say brows. I feel naked without filling in my brows! I feel like it makes a huge difference in the makeup application. A good brow frames your face and can totally change a look.   

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike?

K: I could not live without Mac Fix+. I use it the same way on clients and myself. It is great to prep the skin, blend out foundation, to use as a setting or to spray your brush with before applying eyeshadow to make it more vibrant . I even spray it throughout the day to add life to my makeup. 

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;) 

K: Casual and laid-back with a touch of 90s grunge glam. 

Siobhán Bolton

Siobhán Bolton

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

S: I first fell in love with makeup around the same time as I discovered my love for acting. The notion of becoming or looking like someone or something different had always caught my interest from a very young age. Makeup was always there to assist me in creating the appearance of the character I was trying to portray. 

B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

S: Putting myself out there as a professional make-up artist has been a progressive project of mine! It was only a few months ago that Brittany approached me with the proposition of taking the next step and becoming a professional make-up artist...which of course I jumped at! She has taught me everything I know and we have always had similar styles and interests, her hard work and dedication is very inspiring.

B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)?

S: I became involved in the beauty industry while working on sets applying makeup for actors and extras. I was also a style ambassador for a boutique hair extension company based out of Orange County, California. 

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

S: I would have to say the best part about the application is when clients allow you to create a look completely out of their comfort zone, they trust you! It leads my clients to make more daring and bolder choices down the road in regards to their makeup and their personal style. 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

S: I applied for a position with Makeup by Brittany because who better to work with than the best! I have seen her business flourish since Day 1 and love what her brand represents. 

B: Where are you from?  

I am originally from London, Ontario but grew up in Dublin, Ireland. I lived there for 10 years before returning to Canada and now reside in Toronto where I currently work as an actor and makeup artist! I live in a lovely spot called Liberty Village with my fiancé and little morkie, Zola! 

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

S:  ........................Bronzer....only because you made me! 

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

My current favourite product to use on myself and others is Mac’s Mineralize Skin Finish in 'Light'...and it seems to last an eternity...

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;)  

S: Versatile, quirky, and always classic


HBC Styled Shoot

Hey Guys! 

Check out this amazing styled shoot with makeup by my Senior Artist Catherine! We worked with some of London's finest vendors and some of my personal faves, check out the vendor list below :)  Here are a couple of my favourite shots... 

The shoot was published on some amazing blogs, check them out here... 

JoyWed Publication

Love Inc Publication

Nova Markina 


Photography: ILM NovaMarkina Photography | Floral Design: ILM Something Blue Floral Design | Photo shoot Design: ILM Twelfth Night Events | Menswear: Collins Formal Wear |  Cake Designer: Every Occasion Cakes| Makeup: Makeup by Brittany | Rentals: A&B Party and Tent Rental | Jewellery: Poag Jewellers Stationery: Primarily Paper | Hairstylist: SOMA Hair Co. | Dress from: Ballett's Bridal



ClosetSpace App!

Self Expression through ClosetSpace

Have you ever woken up in the morning thinking about what clothes you’re going to wear that day? For some, they can throw on anything from their closet and look like they just walked off a photoshoot, but for most of us, fashion doesn’t come so naturally. Although with a little help from mobile technology, outfit planning can be conveniently done with just a couple swipes.

With all the fashion management apps that are on the Mashable, it’s evident that the fashion industry is aware of all the outfit problems we have, from visualizing our wardrobe choices for holidays to the items that just end up sitting at the back of our closets. This is why in this day and age we should utilize mobile technology as it makes those daily tasks a little cheaper and less time consuming. Besides, mobile internet is among “the most powerful trends across the internet landscape” as revealed by the company managing the mobile gaming hub Pocketfruity. So digitizing our closets using an app like ClosetSpace is probably the best way to solve all of our outfit issues.

ClosetSpace is your go-to reference for fashion inspiration, turning your wardrobe into your own virtual closet that doubles as an outfit planner. Featured on numerous media outlets such as Vogue, the New York Times, and, this app is the perfect tool to help you visualize your clothes and curate thousands of ways to express your personality through your style.

When entering items into your virtual closet, the app will ask you include tags like the brand, size, color, fabric, and style, and filling up these product details will allow you to access one of its unique features called Style Stats. Style Stats manages your wardrobe by categorizing your apparel and accessories according to those product details, making it easier for you to sort through everything without rummaging through your entire closet.

The other prominent feature of ClosetSpace is the Daily Outfit Recommendations, something that members can receive via email every day. What it does is that it provides you with outfit options based on the weather that day. Most of the emailed images come from top bloggers and stylists and can be extremely useful on days when outfit planning seems more of a chore rather than something that's exciting.

For that much needed assistance in wardrobe management, you can download the app from Google Play or the App Store.


Welcome Cassidy!

Hey Guys! 

I have recently hired a third makeup artist to join my little team (consisting of myself and Catherine). We have commenced training and she is more then excelling. The reason for my need for a second artist was I was just turning too many of you away! With a wait list of over 50 weddings last year and with the wedding season barely started and sitting at over 30, it was due time to get a third set of hands on the scene! As when most of you inquire you are looking for the style and look that I provide for my clients, I wanted to hire an artist who was willing to learn my techniques and practice them on our clients. Cassidy comes to us with a great skill level and we've worked together and will continue to work together in training sessions to grow as artists and offer consistency to our clients. 

Here is a breif Q and A between myself and Cassidy to help you get to know her better! 

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

C: I’ve loved makeup since my mom helped me cover my first blemish in grade 7; I couldn’t believe how well it worked! At that moment, I felt so lucky yet so sorry for my male counterparts going through puberty without the magic of makeup.


B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

C:When I went to university, I became more adventurous and creative with makeup. My floor mates would ask me for tips, so I soon became the “go-to” for quick applications. After I graduated, I started branching out to help family and coworkers with special event makeup, and even did a few weddings. In December 2014, I took the QC Academy makeup course, which prepared me to start up my own makeup business. I’ve been freelancing and taking clients ever since! 

B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

C: Right now, I’m strictly free-lancing. However, MAC is the brand I am most familiar with, use, and like the most.

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

C: My absolute favourite part of the application process is when I show the client their after look. It makes me feel so happy when someone sees themselves in a different light for the first time. 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

C: I found Brittany on Instagram (as most of us do). My friend and I went in for a lesson, and it was the most fun I’ve ever had doing and talking about makeup. I left feeling so inspired. Seeing someone so in their own element, doing what they love, and being so successful - it truly seemed like the dream job I’ve always wanted. I made business cards the next day, and really started pushing myself to get as many clients as possible. When I saw Brittany was looking for another artist, I thought it was a great opportunity to assess my skill level, take more clients, and learn from the best! 

B: Where are you from?  

C: I was born in Kapsuskasing, Ontario (it’s North, wayyy North.) When I was three, we moved to Kingston, Ontario, which is where I grew up. I left to pursue a Health Science degree from The University of Western Ontario. I have a lot of family in London, and ended up really loving it here. I now call it “home” and live downtown in a house I share with my boyfriend, Jameson, and my German Shepherd, Jepp!

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

C: Yikes! O.K... Bronzer. I never leave the house without bronzer. Winter, Summer, doesn’t matter. Bronzer is also the part of the application I enjoy on clients the most because that’s when the look I’ve created starts to come together as a whole. It just makes everyone look so glamorous and refined.  

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

C: I literally use MAC Prolongwear concealer on every single client in some way. I have yet to find someone this concealer does not work well on. It’s so creamy, the coverage is fantastic, and it doesn’t crease once set with powder. I’m also really into Anastasia Beverly Hills DipBrow right now. Applied with a stiff angled brush, its a great way to achieve super defined brows.  

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;) 

C: Casual, Confident, and “Tomboy Chic"


B: What is the most exciting part about this new venture in your makeup career?  

C:  It’s the first time in my life that I’ve felt like I’m doing what I’m supposed to be doing. Whether I'm working with clients, shopping for supplies, or trying a new technique, I feel invigorated and that I have truly found my dream job. I think Brittany, Catherine and I will make a great team, and I’m so excited to see what my future in the makeup industry has in store for me!

Welcome Catherine!

Hey Guys! 

As most of you know by now I have recently hired a wonderful young artist, Catherine Krahn. We have commenced training and she is more then excelling. The reason for my need for a second artist was I was just turning too many of you away! With a wait list of over 50 weddings last year and with the wedding season barely started and sitting at over 30, it was due time to get a second set of hands on the scene! As when most of you inquire you are looking for the style and look that I provide for my clients, I wanted to hire an artist who was willing to learn my techniques and practice them on our clients. Catherine comes to us with a great skill level and we've worked together and will continue to work together in training sessions to grow as artists and offer consistency to our clients. 

Rather than me going on and on about her I thought I would ask her a few interview type questions to help you better get to know Catherine! 

B: When did you first fall in love with makeup? 

C: Growing up, I never considered makeup as something with which I could play and experiment. As soon as I started high school and discovered mascara (brown, at first! So natural and oh, how the times have changed!), my obsession quickly spiralled as I started adding eyeliner, foundation, eye shadow, etc! Now, it almost feels like the time when I didn't love makeup never existed!

B: When did you start free-lancing and putting yourself out there to book in your own clients?  

C: I started freelancing with my own artistry a year ago. When I first started working at MAC Cosmetics, I began to consider branching out on my own. After I finished my course at Elegance Schools Inc., I actively sought opportunities to grow and help beautify the city! Social media is a big outlet for me, so I set up my own Facebook and Instagram to showcase my work.  

B: What is your current work experience in the beauty industry (companies, salons, brands)? 

C: I've been working in salons for a little over two years and that is where I found the inspiration to become a makeup artist. The atmosphere is so nurturing for young artists and I've always had a great support team in the salon! I've also be an artist at MAC Cosmetics for almost two years. I love being able to touch and try all the products that MAC has to offer! It's my kind of candy store!

B: What is your favourite part about the makeup application process? 

C: My favourite part of the makeup application process is the skin. I love creating that dewey glow with a mix of so many great products. That is the moment that a look really comes together for me and I can finally see what I've been envisioning. Another favourite though is actually the end result! I love to see those happy faces in the mirror as my clients see their transformation! 

B: Why did you apply for this position with Makeup by Brittany? 

C: I applied to work with Makeup by Brittany because I admired her particular style of makeup. The winged liner, dramatics lashes, and glowing skin are all specific to my style as well, so I knew it would be a good fit! Plus, Brittany's application is flawless! And if you're going to learn, why not learn from the best?

B: Where are you from?  

C: I am born and raised in London, Ontario!

B: Lipstick, bronzer or brows? Yes. You can only pick one! (I'm terrible, I know.)

C: How could I possibly choose just one?! Brittany knows I love all three equally but I would have to pick... brows! I love playing with brow shape and thickness. It is amazing how changing the brows can change the entire face!  

B: What is your current favourite product to use on yourself and clients alike? 

C: My current favourite is an e.l.f. product! The e.l.f. Studio HD Mattifying Cream Foundation is perfect for contouring after foundation because it blends beautifully into the skin and gives the perfect sun-kissed glow! Plus, you can't beat the price!

B: Describe your personal style in three words ;) 

C: Classic, chic, and... Pink!

B: What is the most exciting part about this new venture in your makeup career?  

C: I'm mostly excited to take this city by storm, beautifying everywhere we go! I know that my partnership with Brittany will grow into something amazing!

Let's give a warm welcome to Catherine and wish her all the best with her future in this industry! We are currently working on building Catherine for Makeup by Brittany on Facebook and Instagram (catformakeupbybrit) so please, share the love and give us a follow there! 

To book in with myself or Catherine, please contact us here!

Smashbox Product Review!

Hey Guys! 

I know, I know it's been a while since I've done a product review or step by step tutorial. Things have been busy to say the least! Also, my main source of communication with you guys is via social media (instagram and fb mainly). So, if you are looking for more frequent updates, come follow me there! 

Ok so let's get down to it. Today I'm reviewing a couple of my favourite new and old products from Smashbox Cosmetics. If you are a Londoner, you can pick up the product from Sephora White Oaks (hit up those Beauty Insider points!) or most Shoppers Drug Mart locations (optimum points!) in London. 


Starting from the top left and working my way across and down, the pot product you see in the beautiful deep plum shade is a 15-hour wear cream shadow. I applied this all over my lid today and blended out the crease using the palette but we will get to those details a little later. This product is awesome. What I like about it is it's super creamy texture, it's workable. Unlike a lot of cream shadows that tend to dry too fast and leave little room for error or blend-ability, this product dries just fast enough. This product is more of a 3-in-1, it's a shadow as I mentioned, you can also use it as a primer for all over the lid (it comes in an array of colours), you can also use it as a means to pack on shimmer to the lid. For example, using a shimmering shade from the Full Exposure palette you can press it onto this cream shadow and use it much like a glitter glue. 

The It's A Wrap waterproof makeup remover (found at shoppers), is a great and may I stress gentle remover. It get's the job done without having to tug and pull at your lashes/eye area. Apply some onto a q-tip and carve out your shadow to create a sharp cat eye effect! 

The new Photofinish Pore Minimizing foundation primer is targeted towards all skin types. If you are unsure of what your skin type is, as many are, this is a safe bet. It also has some skin care proporties built in to add moisture and hydration such as grape-seed extract, green tea and vitamin E - all the while minimizing the look of pores. Used as a base, it will help to ensure a super long lasting look! 

Next up, (sorry for the glare) is the Photofinish Eye Shadow primer. I've actually gone through a couple tubes of this product so that's saying a lot. The tiniest amount is all you need. Smooth over entire lid from the root of the lash to the brow bone then tap away any access. Apply your shadow and liner and watch throughout the day as your look isn't going anywhere! I use this even if I'm not applying shadow and just liner as it also helps to prevent smudging. 

Smashbox glosses, I've loved smashbox glosses since the time I can remember. I think their gloss was one of the first luxury/pro products I ever bought back when I first got the beauty bug! They've come out with a new formula gloss (the one with the X), it's more of a lip laquer and gentle stain in one. It stays all day, but, it doesn't dry out your lips as it has vitamin e and avocado oil. 

One of Smashbox's most iconic product families are their primers. They offer many different types targeting all different skin issues. This one is oil-free and is targeted to more of an oily skin (me!), helping control oil and to create a long lasting wear in your foundation. A little goes a very long way with this primer!

Last but not least the Full Exposure palette. This palette features 7 mattes and 7 shimmers, they are long-wearing and crease resistant. It also comes with a professional brush and a deluxe mascara sample. There is actually a side to the brush specifically made for applying the shimmer shadows. I have always found Smashbox shadows to be super blend-able! This is great for those of you with trouble blending, but for those happy blenders out there, don't over blend as you will end up loosing the opacity of the shadow. 

Here is the look I created using all of the above products! 

Hope you all enjoyed this review post and as always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 



OCT/NOV/DEC Special!

Hey Guys!

For these three months I will be offering a special for individual event appointments (this does not apply to weddings or Halloween). 

How to qualify for the special: 

  • Print off or screen shot the below coupon 
  • Book in for yourself and a friend (or two!)
  • Receive $10 off both of your makeup applications!  

It's that easy! 

Keep in mind in the coming months there are lots of events you may want to look fabulous for! Christmas parties, attending a wedding, a bridal/baby shower, bachelorette or it's just a night out on the town with your girlfriends or significant other! Lot's of occasions to look and feel glamorous

One-on-One Consultations

Hey Guys! 

So recently requests for lessons/one on one consults have really gone through the roof, so thank you! For those that are unaware here is some info... 

1st-Hour Private Makeup and Skincare Consultation/Lesson ~ $85 

During the first hour I see where you are at in terms of the products you have, the products you need, skill set and comfort with makeup, etc. This initial hour is vital and is usually one of the most informative as we look through your makeup bag together and determine the missing holes and suitable, affordable/in your budget fillers. 

After that we can do 3 hours for $220 (which is over $10 less per hour), using your three hours however you would like. I usually suggest 1.5 and 1.5 as you will see, an hour flies by!

(these prices are subject to change)

This was a review I recently recieved from a client... 

After having a make up application done by Brittany for my wedding anniversary I just knew I wanted more! When she mentioned she did make up lessons I booked a few appointments right away. Yesterday, I had my first lesson and I was not disappointed. From start to finish Brittany  was so professional, keeping to her lesson and making sure I understood what she was saying so I would get the most out of the lesson. We covered so much in one lesson and I really appreciated how she took a look at my products to see what I could include to benefit my   look. She gave suggestions on products I needed that are inexpensive and amazing products! She is incredibly patient and she would talk me through what she was doing and then ask me to copy what she'd just done on my left hand side. I did most of the left hand side of my face all by myself and I must say I did a fairly good job. Brittany does an excellent job making you feel comfortable, competent and has so much experience. You can tell you're in the best hands.  I cannot wait till my next lesson! Take the guess work out of your make up application and go see Britt! -Crystal

Lessons are also a great gift! Inquire within if you wish to purchase a gift card for a friend, family member or co-worker! 

Here is a little more info on lessons... 

What to Bring for lessons: 

Please bring your current makeup bag and brushes, even items you don't use on a daily basis. I like to look at everything to see if there is something you should be or shouldn't be using. I will provide you with a pen and note pad and I will draw a face chart to make things more visual for when you are at home looking over instructions. 

I ask that you pick 3-6 topics to discuss. I can't promise that we touch on all of these topics as depending on what they are we could spend a full hour on one thing. Also, for the initial lesson I like to see where you are at start with something suitable for your skill level. Moving forward our lessons will be more dynamic and full of topics.  

Idea's for topics: 

- products that I should buy and incorporate into my daily routine

- skin care regime (as no makeup can be applied well on skin that is not well hydrated and cared for!) 

- an everyday eye look 

- a night time eye look 

- bold lips (getting them perfect and long lasting) 

- filling in brows

- applying false lashes 

- contouring/highlighting (a whole lesson is needed for this topic)

- liquid liner application 

… I could keep going but there is just a few to inspire your own ideas! 


Four Favourite Fall Mac Shadows

Hey Guys! 

I can't believe it's September already! But I am so happy about it, I absolutely adore fall. We move this month and there are loads of exciting things to come :) I love that new-beginning feeling I get around September, and you just can't beat the yummy pumpkin flavoured goodness that's just about everywhere!

I love using fall tones in my makeup, deep rich browns, reddish bricky shades, warm creamy neutrals and burnt oranges. Here is a look I created today using these four shadows from MAC and to me, they just scream fall. Use together or separately they are great staple colours to add to your makeup bag/kit. 

Left to Right

Carbon - Matt Black 

Hand Written - Matte Rich Brown 

Brown Script - Bricky r reddish orange Brown (looks more orange here) 

Bamboo - Warm Creamy Nude

Here is a peak at the look... 

Paired the look with a burnt orange blush and a brownish nude lip to keep the fall theme alive! 

Hope your September is filled with the scent of creamy pumpkin candles, burning campfires and goodies baking in the ovan! As always, feel free to contact me regarding any questions or to book me for your next event! 

My Fall Wish List

Hey Guys! 

I can't believe it's already the end of August! Summer flew by but in a good way, I had an amazing summer filled with weddings galor, tons of beach days, and great times with friends and family. This is my first week back after my 10 days off and it feels good to be back in the swing of things! If I had it my way, it would be fall half the year, summer the other half and winter just for the month of December. I'm a fall junkie. My husband and I actually got married Thanksgiving weekend because we both love the season that much. 

Today I thought I'd share with you my wish list for this fall. Things I want, things I need... mainly things I want. Some are fall related some are just things I've had my eye on. First up, what's fall without a vampy lip? NARS came out with a line called Audacious which I'm dying to try. I have my eye on one particular colour though... Ingrid (que blissful sighing, ahhh). 

It's a super dark violet colour with a deep red wine feel. STUNning. Can't wait to get my little paws on it. 

Next up, this isn't just one particular item. On my fall wish list is a shopping spree at ASOS curve. For those asking where I like to shop, this is one of my favourite online stores. I love the styles and the sizes are usually right on. I love getting my clothes tailored to fit me perfectly. Everyone's body is so different and properly fitting clothing is so flattering and very important. I get a lot of my jeans darted and some of my blouses taken in at the waist as I need more space through the chest and shoulders. If you order something lean on the larger size and then have it tailored to fit you perfectly! It's worth the extra coin ;) Here are some looks I'm planning to recreate and purchase pieces from... 


Next up jewelry, for those that know me (or have been to home studio) know my love affair with jewelry. This fall I would like to add some more pieces to my collection. Pieces that are more dainty and feminin. Also, rings. I want to wear a ring on every finger. Here are some from Asos I like... 

An oldie but a goodie, Fresh Black Tea Instant Perfecting Mask. I just ran out of mine that I have been savouring and using very sparingly because it is a bit of an investment. At around $100 for the jar, it's worth every penny. I love this mask, if feels like butter and leaves your skin feeling taught and plush. I feel it's soul purpose for me is hydrating and firming although it offers much more to the skin when used regularly. I will have to pop into my local Sephora at White Oaks mall soon and bite the bullet... 


I've recently been watching the MM&L Show on youtube (literally obsessed and can't stop). Two best friends share tips and tricks on beauty, fashion, lifestyle, review products and are just hilarious. They have talked about this product in a few of their videos and now I'm just dying to try it. I think the best way to get it is off of but I'm going to look further into that. This product is by Jonathan and it's called Dirt. It's a texturizing paste that allows you to separate and create a piecey look, and let's you achieve that day-old-hair look that we all love so much. 

There you have it, my fall wish list! Please share with me some of your must have fall favourites below in the comments section. As always feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 

Have a fabulous day! oXo

My Journey as a Makeup Artist


I’ve loved everything to do with makeup for as long as I can remember. When I was in high school, I would do full applications for my friends for dances and proms. However, I felt as though my future was uncertain. I found that it was difficult to listen to my own dreams. After I graduated high school, I attended the University of Ottawa for a degree unrelated to makeup artistry. I began taking makeup even more seriously and started freelancing between classes. I had no professional training or certification and was charging below industry standard rates merely to gain experience and build my portfolio.


After completing two years of my degree, I decided to focus on Makeup Artistry and Cosmetology. My family wasn’t exactly thrilled about my decision, but supported me nonetheless. It was at this point that I began blogging, which played an integral part in my career looking back. Being from London I had many friends and family there who followed and read my blog, passing it on to their friends and family and spreading the word. This was also happening in Ottawa, where I was living at the time.

I then attended the Ottawa Academy. My makeup artistry teacher there was amazing, she had worked for Stila cosmetics for quite some time as a pro artist and had many other professional credentials - she was awesome! I looked up to her and envisioned doing similar things. I saw the multitude of opportunities this industry had, as now she had slowed down, was pregnant, and teaching with a more regular schedule. I saw this career helping me do all the things I saw for my future, success in both my professional and family life.


After graduating I moved back home to London where I was hired at Sephora as a Colour Cast member. I learned so much working at Sephora, I gained product knowledge, learning how different textures and finishes work, lighting and wearability, application techniques and so much more. At Sephora, I was constantly doing makeup applications. I soon became Beauty Studio Captain and myself and a couple other artists were doing the majority of makeup applications. I would have to say that as a makeup artist the best way to improve your skills is to apply apply apply. Sephora and all the amazing people I worked with there taught me so much about this industry, myself and my skills as a makeup artist. Thank you Sephora White Oaks

Starting my own business had always a goal of mine, but I wasn’t sure how to get started. I still continued to blog and freelance when I could. Eventually, I decided to look for a job with a little more flexibility to work in my freelance clients. I wasn’t ready to be fully self-employed, but I knew that I was getting close. After I left Sephora, I began to promote myself via my blog and social media platforms. Things quickly began to take off and I was getting requests for weddings and events well in advance. I then got a job at Cake Beauty (a Canadian product sold within Sephora) as their National Educator. I traveled across Canada training all the Sephora cast members on the Cake product. Because I made my own schedule, I was able to accommodate more freelance clients.

After working for Cake from January to May (a slower time for makeup), my freelance work started to thrive. I could see that I no longer needed an additional income so I left my position with Cake. I started to book up into the following year during that same “slow period” and I could see that I was finally where I wanted to be.


That was over a year and a half ago and since then I have been self employed running my own business. Making my own hours, deciding my own income, and designing the life I want. This journey was by no means easy but it taught me so much about myself and what I’m capable of. I learned so much about this industry I love so dearly and I can’t wait to continue on. I am now booking into 2016, blogging for multiple outlets and running a successful social-media-present business and blog of my own.

In my opinion, in this industry working for yourself is where it’s at. But that is not to say that there aren’t so many amazingly cool and fun positions available If you are a person who is better at receiving a task and completing it. If you love to travel and live out of a suitcase, keeping busy and being on the go - so many job options out there. I on the other hand prefer to make my own rules.

Do what’s right for you and your personality strengths and weaknesses, life goals and ambitions and most of all happiness! That’s what it’s all about in the end :) Hope you guys enjoyed this post, because I truly enjoyed writing it

This was a topic I was also asked to discuss by one of the outlets I blog for, QC Makeup Academy. If you wish to check out the condensed version of this post or to look into their amazing courses offered click here!



A New Chapter...

Hey Guys! 

For those of you who have visited my little home studio over the past (almost) two years of being self employed, you know it's been rearranged, redecorated and revamped. I love my little space and it has done me well during the beginning stages of my business. I am SO excited to announce that my husband and I will be moving this October to a cute little house fairly close to where we are now. At our new place I will have a full room and some more space to work with - very exciting! 

I thought I would do a little post on my sweet little space, giving myself something to look back on and see the progress I've made. The same sort of style and vibe will carry over to my new space as I will be using some of the same decore and furniture and I want to stay true to my style. I always get so many comments and questions on where I get some of my decor so I will share that with you in this post! 

This wall happens to be my favourite, it features this beautiful Tassel Garland from Studio Mucci. I absolutely LOVE all of their tassel garlands and I secretly want one for every room in my house. This particular one is called Sherbet Love Mini and happens to match my business colours perfectly. The white mirror is from Target and the empty frames are from Michael's Craft store. 


This cozy corner is for my waiting clients, or friends and guests of clients to sit comfortably while waiting. I also love these prints by Stephanie Sterjovski...


One of my favourite places in my makeup room is my pin board filled with some of the beautiful thank you cards I have received over the years. Sometimes I look through these and am reminded of why I love my job so much... 

Something else I am really going to miss about my studio is the view, looking out onto the city as I sit and blog, reply to emails at my desk or am doing a clients makeup. I love the sounds of the city and I am totally inspired by the hustle and bussle. Our new place looks out onto the river, which will inspire me in a whole new way :) 

Thank you to all my amazing clients who have been with me since the beginning! And welcome to all my new clients who will continue on this journey of mine. Thank you for your support, this local female entrepreneur owes you the world! As always, feel free to contact me with any questions or to book me for your next event! 









Gammet Inspired Makeup

Hey Guys! 

I have recently been watching a series of documentaries with my husband (we love wild animals!) called David Attenborough Wildlife Specials. If you have Netflix it's on there! Anyways, we arrived at this beautiful bird called the Gammet, which I had never heard of before. They are miraculous creatures. They sore high in the sky and dive into the water to catch fish at 100km an hour. The blending down their neck is just beautiful, the yellow and creamy white hues are astounding. They feature this vivid blue around their eyes, as well as sharp black lines cascading down their necks. 

As soon as I saw this bird I was immediately inspired. To me it just calls to be recreated in makeup form, the black lines are so familiar to liquid liner, the blue shadow around their eyes and the wonderful blending of creamy white and yellow. This bird can inspire many different makeup looks, super dramatic fantasy makeup or more focused on the eye for a wearable look. That is what I am going to show you today! Here is another beautiful photo of this inspiring creature... 

Let's get started with a step by step Gammet inspired eye look... 

1. Start with a clean primed lid. Then apply a white eye liner all over the lid and set it with a matte white eye shadow, I used Gesso by MAC

2. Blend a matte yellow shadow onto the outer edge of the lid softening into the center of the lid. I used Goldenrod by MAC. 

3. Create a cut crease look by mapping out your crease with a dark brown shadow, I used Handwritten by MAC. 

4. Using a blending brush, soften up the crease using more Handwritten and a softer brown higher up on the brow bone, I used M2 from the Smashbox Full Exposure Palette

5. Apply a brow highlight, I used S4 from the Full Exposure Palette. 

6. Apply a thin liquid liner as you don't want to cover all your beautiful blending work. 

7. Apply false lashes and mascara to the upper lash line. 

8. Smudge a blue liner along the lower water line and lash line blending it up and out to follow along side your winged liner. I used Urban Decay 24/7 Glide on Shadow in Clash

There you have it! This look is bright and colourful great for summer. If you love incorporating colour in your makeup looks you must give this a try! 

Here is a peak at the finished look... 

As always, feel free to contact me regarding any questions you may have or to book me for your next event! 

Shadow to pair with Bold Lip

Hey Guys! 

I posted a look on instagram not to long ago and I got many messages asking to hear more details on how to achieve the look. When wearing a bolder lip I tend to keep my shadow fairly neutral and subtle (which is not a mandatory rule but just something to keep in mind). 

Follow along with my step by step tutorial here: 


1. Using a soft brown pencil liner carve out your crease (I used Urban Decay 24/7 liner in Bourbon). The shape and size of this will depend on your individual eye shape. Follow your natural crease and curve of your lid/eye. 

2. Using a smudging brush soften and blend out any harsh lines from the liner. 

3. Pick up a brown shadow on a blending brush that is almost the same shade as the liner (I used Folie by MAC), and soften and blend out the look further. 

4. Fill in the lid space with a creamy white matte shadow. I used Blanc Type by MAC. 

5. Take a softer brown, I used Cafe Au Lait by Laura Merceir and drag it through your crease further blending the outer crease application. 

6. Apply a subtle brow highlight. 

7. Clean up the edge of the shadow by wrapping a makeup wipe around your finger and using your nail to clean up the edge. 

8. Apply liquid liner and lashes. 

9. Apply a white liner along the lower water line and a splash of satin highlight in the inner teat duct. 

Here is the finished look: 

The bold lip is Flat out Fabulous by MAC darkened in the outer corners with Make Up For Ever Flash Palette cream black. Personally I find this is a great shadow look to pair with any dark/bright/statement lip! 

As always, if you have any questions or wish to book me for your next event please do so here!

The Starlet Treatment

Hey Guys! 

I just want to share a new package I will be offering called "The Starlet Treatment"!

Had recently had the pleasure of giving Genevieve Fisher this new service! It includes body bronzing/body glow, soft curls and a full makeup application including false lashes for $180! Here are a couple before and afters of her look... 
Genevieve is an amazingly talented young woman from right here in London. She is one of Canada's brightest up and coming country stars and has accomplished so much already at such a young age! She's all glammed up and ready to attend the CMAO Awards (Country Music Association of Ontario) tonight! Here is a peak at the finished look... 

Looking for that red carpet look and the full Starlet Treatment? Book me for your next special event here!


Peachy Glowy Goodness

Hey Guys! 

So I recently posted this motd (makeup of the day) picture on my instagram and got tons of emails and messages to do a tutorial/step by step on the look. Ask and you shall receive! 

This look is super easy to achieve and super quick! I love a dewy look anytime of a year really but in summer, it's a must! This post has 3 step by steps on how I achieve each section of the look. Let's start with complexion... 


1. Mix a liquid illuminator with your foundation. I used Sun Beam by Benefit with NYC Skin Matching Luminizer Foundation

2. Use a kabuki style foundation brush and buff into skin, starting from the center of the face (T-zone) softening outwards. I did not set this step, I wanted to keep the dewyness going! 

3. Next up apply a concealer/brightening product to the under eye in a V shape, between the brows blending up into the center of the forehead, chin and anywhere else you wish to brighten/conceal. I used the BH Cosmetics Concealer palette. I went ahead and used the darker shade in this palette to also contour my face. 

4. Then, apply a matte bronzer to the areas you contoured (hollows of the cheek, hair line, sides of the nose etc). I used Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced

5. Finish off your complexion with a peachy coloured blush and a glowing highlight. The blush I used is unfortunately discontinued but compare the picture to one you might have or wish to purchase! The highlight I used along the tops of my cheeks and down the bridge of my nose is Soft and Gentle by MAC

Next up, eyes! This eye look is sooo easy and sooo fast - it's literally going to be my go to all summer! Here goes... 

1. As always, start with a clean primed eye lid and brows done. 

2. Next take the same highlighting powder you used to highlight your face (I used Soft and Gentle by MAC), pick this product up on a flat dense brush. Begin to build the colour on your lid by pressing the product into the lid rather than dusting it on. Doing so will provide you with a super pigmented look. 

3. Then pic up a little of the matte bronzer you used (I used Chocolate Soleil by Too Faced) on a fluffy blending brush (I used Sephora Pro Blending brush), blend it through the crease using somewhat broad strokes. This will give a beautiful natural looking contour to the eye. 

4. Apply your liquid liner. My go to liquid liner is Line Stiletto by Maybelline

5. Apply false lashes. I used Red Cherry Lashes #43.

6. Apply a white eye liner to the waterline on the lower lashes. Top off the look by highlighting the tear duct and brow bone with the same highlighter!

Lastly, a peachy pout...


Whenever you are creating a super nude/pastel/light coloured lip you always want to neutralize any pink/redness in your natural lip colour. Doing this will help avoid those muddy tones and will help the lip colour that's in the tube show up true to colour. 

1. Take a concealer that matches your skin (nothing too light, something closer to your skin colour), press the concealer into the lips getting into all the little lines and cracks. I used the same concealer as linked above, BH Cosmetics Concealer Palette. 

2. Use a peachy pastel lip colour. I used a shade from the Make Up For Ever Flash Palette. This product is an awesome investment (yes, it is quite pricey). But it can do SO many things! It is definitely more of a professional product but if you are comfortable playing and creating it is perfect for you. It can make foundations, lip sticks, brow fillers, face paint, body paint the list goes on! From the palette I used this pretty pastel peach hue and filled in my lips using and lip brush. 

3. Finish off with a gloss if you wish and highlight your cupids bow! This will all add to that end result of peachy glowy goodness! 

There you have it... 

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and all the best recreating this look at home! As always, let me know if you have any questions or if you wish to book me for your upcoming event! 

Have a fabulous day! oXo