I am the owner and founder of esteem - we are a team of highly skilled and trained artists offering luxury glamming services on location and in studio. It started out as Makeup by Brittany. I was a one woman show, catering to as many weddings and events as I could handle in a year. There came a point where I was just turning away too much business. From there I added my first team mate, followed by my second, followed by three consecutive members. We now stand at a total of 9 including myself. We cater to the London, Toronto, and surrounding area's. 

With hundreds of weddings and events under my belt I feel I do more than just glam when offering mobile services. I help time and plan every wedding morning, while I'm there I keep things running smoothly - keeping in mind there is a photographer on their way and limo to catch. I know that "we have 2 hours left" really doesn't mean 2 hours at all. The team is trained not only on artistry techniques but all the aspects to being a professional makeup artist on location, catering to needs in a variety of areas. 

I've trained the team to perform a similar style to my own but they all bring unique styles and vibes to the table. They are very experienced, professional and beyond talented. When a client books one of my team members they receive full communication and planning through myself personally. I over see the outline for the event and ensure the client's needs are met during the planning process as well as day of. 

I'll never forget the special moments I've been able to share with clients, like helping the Father of the bride put his puff pocket in right, providing kleenex for tearing Mothers as they watch their daughters transform into beautiful, elegant brides, and of course - popping a touch of gloss on the ever important flower girls! 

We offer on location services as well as in home studio services.  An artist is chosen for you based on details such as location, availability and timing but you are more than welcome to request an artist or try them all out eventually! 

Starting my business at a young age with not much of a budget to spend on marketing allowed me to utilize what I had in front of me. I dove into building my social media platform, focusing on building as local of a following as I could with of course National reach as well. I'm now a social media strategist offering social media consultations for small business, cross promotion events, promotional giveaways to help grow your business and more. If you are interested in any of these services feel free to shoot me an email! Check out my platforms here... 

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Contact me for your next event where you want to look your absolute best and feel great! I look forward to hearing from you! 

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Love of beauty is taste. The creation of beauty is art.